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Category: US Cashback Websites (AKA US Rewards Websites)
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Swagbucks Review

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We have awarded Swagbucks our prestigious Gold Award in this category, having reviewed 6 US Cashback Websites. Read our review below to find out why...

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Although not really a cashback site in the strictest sense, Swagbucks takes our number one spot in this category simply because it could not be more awesome. Swagbucks is a great site that operates the largest free online rewards system in the world, giving millions of users across the globe the opportunity to collect Swagbucks (more on this later) and use them to buy some of the things they’ve always wanted.

If it all sounds a little too good to be true, be reassured by the fact that this site has been positively featured in the New York Times, on MSN Money, in Billboard, Women’s Day and more. If you’re looking for a way to help stretch your hard-earned dollars a little further and find a way to make your online surfing pay, Swagbucks is definitely it!

So how does it work? Well, users sign up to the site (which is easy, and takes only a couple of minutes) and start using the site to collect Swagbucks. “Swagbucks” are a kind of virtual online currency that can be exchanged for a wide variety of things at the Swagstore. Unlike other sites like this, the variety of stuff on offer is huge – with a great deal of exclusive merchandise also available – so whether you’re looking for a great birthday gift without breaking the bank, a particular item you have always wanted or even just wanting to treat yourself, Swagbucks can help you do it!

One of the most important considerations at any online cashback or rewards program is the number of ways in which users can collect points, currency or cash. In short, the more ways in which you can generate funds, the faster you will achieve your target and, therefore, the faster you will be able to buy the things you’ve always wanted. It’s that simple!

With Swagbucks, the ways in which users can generate Swagbucks currency (abbreviated to SB’s) are practically endless. First, users can generate SB’s simply by surfing the web through the site and using the Swagbucks Toolbar to earn more SB’s on every search they make. Furthermore, users can also carry out surveys for trusted Swagbucks partner companies (a really lucrative way to pick up extra SB’s) and by voting in daily polls.

  It’s a really professional site that is a complete dream to use, and offers users the chance to pick up some great stuff by making only minor changes to their online shopping habits.  

One of the most important ways to generate SB’s (and something that most online cashback site users will be fairly familiar with) is using the Swagbucks “Shop & Earn Mall” to buy goods that you might otherwise buy elsewhere online. A vast number of major brands are featured here, including iTunes, Target, Barnes & Noble, WalMart, Macys and more, so you can be sure that you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Brands and online stores are arranged in alphabetical order making it easy to find what you want, and all purchases pay the same rate of SB’s – 2 SB’s for every $1 spent with the site. So purchasing the laptop you needed to buy anyway through Swagbucks might pick you up 2,000 SB’s, which you can either save for something amazing (an iPod Shuffle is just 10,000 SB’s, the latest TomTom SatNav is around 20,000, a 42” Widescreen TV is around 90,000 – you get the picture), or spend straightaway!

As well as all of these ways to earn, users can also watch videos and advertisements posted by sponsor partners, send in prize-winning photos and videos to the various Swagbucks competitions, trade in cell phones and video games, complete special offers, find swag-codes and even play games to earn loads more SB’s! Key to the whole Swagbucks business model is that users can invite their friends to join and link up their Swagbucks account with their social networking profiles on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Yahoo, giving them further opportunities to earn extra SB’s.

What everyone really wants to know is what you can get for your Swagbucks! Well, aside from the things we hinted at earlier in this review, users can choose from a wide range of fashion, technology, cosmetics, jewellery, music, collectibles and more at the Swag Store, meaning there really is something for everyone. All items are priced in “SB’s”, making it easy to see how many you need to pick up the item you want.

As well as items, users can also exchange their SB’s for gift certificates for online stores such as iTunes and Amazon, or for PayPal vouchers that, in effect, allows users to swap their SB’s for cold, hard cash. In addition to the Swag Store, you can also enter monthly “Swagstakes”. These great sweepstake competitions gather together some of the best prizes at the Swag Store and offer them to all users  for just a few SB’s per entry. The most recent Swagstakes competition, for example, offered users 160,000 SB’s worth of goodies (including a laptop, Xbox 360 and $1,000 worth of gift certificates for a number of online stores) for just 20 SB’s per ticket. Great stuff!

We loved checking out everything that was on offer at Swagbucks. It’s a really professional site that is a complete dream to use, and offers users the chance to pick up some great stuff by making only minor changes to their online shopping habits. As well as a great variety of goodies on offer and numerous ways to earn, we were also impressed by the range of customer service features on offer too – if you ever have a problem, be satisfied that it will be solved pretty quickly. If you’re looking for new ways to pay for the things you have always wanted, give Swagbucks a try today.

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