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BigCrumbs Review

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BigCrumbs is a great shopping cashback and commissions site that offers its members the chance to get paid when they shop online. Working in a similar way to other services in this category, users simply shop at their regular online shopping destinations and, by making a few small changes to the way they access those sites, they can benefit from great commissions rising as high as 36% of the purchase price of their items. With a range of good features and partnerships with thousands of online and offline stores, there are so many ways to earn with BigCrumbs. If you’re looking for a way to make a few extra bucks from your shopping, why not give BigCrumbs a try – learn how to “shop smart and save big”.

The basic premise with BigCrumbs is simple and straightforward. Users sign up to the site and use it as a starting point for all of their shopping online. They can search through the various different brands and online stores listed with the site and then use the stores in the same way at they normally would (they just access them directly from the BigCrumbs site). Any purchases that are made using the site in this way qualify for a commission payment that ranges from a few percent, right up to 40% or more. All commissions at BigCrumbs are paid monthly (on the 15th of each month, to be precise), unlike at other sites where users have to request their cashouts once they reach a certain level. As well as standard commissions, users can also benefit from a wide range of special deals, coupons and increased-commission special offers to help them save even more.

One of the things we really liked about this service, which sets it aside from others in this category, is that the site is also a real online community, with users using BigCrumbs to get to know each other and make friends. Users can create their own profile, complete with photos and information about themselves, and use it to share information about the best deals, cashback opportunities and just general chit-chat. The in-site forums are also particularly active, giving users the chance to meet and get to know others on the site, too. We were also excited by the fact that users can list their own ebay stores (if they have them, of course) with BigCrumbs in order to increase their own revenues – in effect participating in the site as both buyer (from other stores) and seller (from their own). Great stuff!

Although this site isn’t quite as well used as some others in this category, we were impressed by the features on offer and found it fun to use, too. With a range of generous commissions on offer and a number of features that are a bit different, we’re sure users will enjoy getting to know this site and finding out what’s on offer here. If you’re interested in getting your shopping to start paying you back, give BigCrumbs a try.

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